Panel Radiators and Towel Warmers

Product Information


Beacon Morris panel radiators are not only practical but they are a beautiful addition to any decor. Engineered to perform in all types of applications including modern low temperature systems. Our panel radiators offer versatility in both residential and commercial settings.

A casual yet sophisticated look for any room.

All radiators are finished with an attractive decorative grille, rounded edges and can be installed anywhere with (6) different connection points for ultimate flexibility. Unlike conventional baseboard, which works exclusively off “convection”, Beacon Morris’ panel radiators combine both radiant and convection for ultimate comfort. By using radiant heating, panel radiators are able to heat objects rather than space creating a greater sense of individual comfort at lower temperature settings. Operating at lower temperatures results in increased efficiencies of your entire hydronic system, saving money without sacrificing comfort. With over 70 configurations we have the right product for virtually any hydronic heating application whether in the home, office or any other setting.


  • 1,472 - 18,355 BTUh
  • Reversible Radiator
  • Top Grille & Side Panels
  • Air Vent/1 Blind Stop
  • Pretreated Steel with Powder Coated White Finish
  • High Scratch and Impact Resistance
  • Optimal Corrosion Resistance
  • Valve Inserts for Thermostatic Head
  • Max Working Pressure 145 PSI
  • Max Operating Temperature 200°F
  • Each Unit Individually Pressure Tested
  • Multiple Connections for Ease of Installation
    • - (2) Bottom Connections 3/4"
    • - (4) Side Connections 1/2"
  • 10-Year Warranty


Make your bathroom your own personal spa.

Beacon Morris towel warmers are a welcome entity to any bathroom. Elegant and stylish our towel warmers epitomize comfort and convenience. Not only do they provide a nice warm towel but they provide comfortable space heat and help reduce moisture in the air. Towel warmers are available in both straight and curved designs and are the perfect alternative to traditional baseboard heating.


  • Electrically Laser Welded
  • Cathodic Dip Primer w/ Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Standard Operating Pressure: 145 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 200°F
  • Connections: 1/2" (inner thread)
  • 10-Year Warranty