• Twin-Flo Kickspace Heaters

    What is piping connection size for supply and return on the Twin-Flo?

    Both supply and return connections are ½” nominal tubing (NPS).

  • Can more than one Twin-Flo unit be installed?

    Yes. However, the pressure drop for the Twin-Flo supply and return piping (including all fittings) needs to be calculated by a heating professional thus insuring proper operating pressure through both units.

  • What size Twin-Flo unit do I need?

    To properly size a unit for a space heating application a heating professional should perform a heat-loss calculation. Choose the proper size Twin-Flo unit based on the BTU needs for the space.

  • Can a Twin-Flo unit be used with a steam system?

    We do not recommend using Twin-Flo units for steam applications.

  • Can the Twin-Flo units be used for cooling?

    No. Twin-Flo units are designed for heating only applications.

  • Can Twin-Flo units be used in a potable water system?

    Yes. Twin-Flo units are made with no-lead 95/5 silver solder, which meets most local code requirements. Check local code to verify.

  • Is a circulator pump required with a Twin-Flo unit?

    We recommend using a circulator pump for optimal performance.

  • Can I purchase parts for a K81, K82, W41, W82

    These units were discontinued in 1989 and parts are no longer available.

  • Convectors

    Can your convectors be used on one pipe steam systems?

    We do not recommend the use of convectors in one-pipe steam applications. One-pipe steam systems are susceptible to “water hammer” which can seriously damage the equipment.

  • I am replacing an old cast iron radiator and I want to use one of your convectors. Will it work?

    a. Yes, providing the existing is either hot water or a two-pipe steam system.
    b. For both hot water and two-pipe steam radiators with steel pipe connections, you must install bi-metallic connectors on both the supply and return side of the convector. If the proper connectors are not used, the dissimilar metals of steel piping and copper tubing can cause a chemical reaction resulting in the premature erosion of the copper tubing in the convector coil.

  • Can I paint the sheet metal enclosure of the convector?

    Yes. Surface should be properly prepared for paint by thoroughly cleaning the surface and lightly sanding with fine grit sandpaper. Enamel based paints are highly recommended.

  • Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters

    How do I tell if my steam system is a one or two pipe system?

    One-pipe systems have just a single piping attached to the radiator. Two-pipe systems have one supply pipe and one return pipe attached to the radiator.

  • Cabinet Unit Heaters

    Can Cabinet Unit Heaters be used for cooling?

    No. Cabinet Unit Heaters are for heating only applications.

  • Can Cabinet Unit Heaters be used with both steam and hot water?

    Standard units operate with both steam and hot water.

  • Hydronic Baseboard

    Can Twin-Pak be used with both steam and hot water?

    Yes. Twin-Pak commercial baseboard work in both steam and hot water applications.

  • What color is the Twin-Pak enclosure?

    The baked prime finish is a dark tan color.

  • What element sizes are available for Twin-Pak?

    Elements are available in copper tube/aluminum fin or steel tube/steel fin configurations. Copper tube sizes are 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" and steel tubes 1-1/4" or 2".

  • Gas-Fired Unit Heater

    What types of fuel can be used with the gas-fired unit heaters?

    Gas-fired unit heaters are available in natural gas and LP gas.

  • Garage Unit Heater (BRT)

    How is the BRT unit vented to the outside of the garage?

    The Beacon Morris Tubular unit heaters are ETL certified in accordance with categories I and III venting requirements. This certification allows units to be vented both vertically and horizontally using either single-wall or double-wall venting materials. Please consult a heating professional to insure all venting protocols are followed.

  • How do I select the right size BRT for my garage?

    a. Please consult a heating professional to perform a heat-loss calculation for your garage. Many variables such as the number of doors and windows, exposure, and building construction type affect this calculation.
    b. For general reference purposes: (We highly recommend proper heat-loss calculation)
    BRT 30 1 – 1-½ car garage
    BRT 45 2 - 2-1/2 car garage
    BRT 60 3 – 3-1/2 car garage

  • What size gas connection does the BRT have?

    1/2” gas connection

  • What size vent pipe is used for the BRT?

    a. 4” Standard Combustion (All Sizes)
    b. 4” Separated Combustion (Sizes 30 – 75)
    c. 5” Separate Combustion (Sizes 90 – 120)

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