Commercial Millivolt Ceramic Heaters - RBM Series

Product Information


Beacon Morris RBM Series provides heat like the sun by transferring radiant heat energy directly into the area to be heated and creating a warm comfort zone at the floor level. This extremely efficient method of heating can result in fuel savings between 30% and 50%, when compared to forced air convection heating. It’s also ideal as a replacement of the existing millivolt standing pilot ceramic heaters and does not require external electrical power. RBM units are the perfect alternative to RBD units, where electrical power is not readily available. RBM is for indoor applications only.


  • BTUs from 26,000 - 104,000
  • Millivolt standing pilot operation with 100% gas shut-off
  • No electricity required to operate
  • Aluminized steel construction
  • Aluminum reflectors. Optional reflector extensions available
  • Suitable for horizontal or angle mount up to 30°
  • Indirect vented operation*

*Requires mechanical or gravity ventilation