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The Innovator of the Kickspace Heater

Beacon Morris is well known for producing high-quality heating equipment to help solve your residential or commercial heating needs. Beacon Morris products provide solutions for all heating applications and is distributed through professional plumbing and heating wholesalers. Our product lines include:

  • Hydronic Panel Radiators and Towel Warmers
  • Gas & Hydronic Unit Heaters
  • High Efficiency Condensing Unit Heaters
  • Kickspace Heaters
  • Convectors
  • Infrared Unit Heaters
  • Cabinet Unit Heaters
  • Hydronic Baseboard
  • And More!

We are the proud originator and the world's leading producer of kickspace heaters. The Twin-Flo kickspace heater line leads Beacon Morris' fine family of residential and commercial heating products.

Browse our residential and commercial products to learn more!

Residential Products

Find out how Beacon Morris products can warm your whole house. From kitchens to baths to halls and garages, Beacon Morris has the right heating solution for every part of your home.

  • Beacon Morris Panel Radiators are not only practical but a beautiful addition to any decor.

  • They are engineered to perform well in all types of applications and offer versatility in both residential and commercial settings.

Panel radiator installed in a living room by the couch
  • Beacon Morris Towel Warmers, both elegant and stylish, epitomize comfort and convenience in any bathroom.

  • Not only does this new product provide warm towels, it also provides a comfortable space heater on chilly mornings and helps reduce moisture in the air.

Towel warmer installed on a bathroom wall next to the shower for easy access
  • Is your kitchen area not as warm and comfortable as you’d like? Are you tired of stepping on a cold bathroom floor? Look no further than the Twin-Flo III.

  • Our compact solution is designed to fit easily within the toe-space of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets – floor and wall options are available as well.

  • Our system is made with pride in the USA and is guaranteed to provide you with years of comfort.

Twin Flo cold and warm air flow diagram
  • Our Garage Unit Heaters follow our theme of providing comfort in hard-to-heat areas.

  • Designed to be highly efficient and durable, our Garage Heater is guaranteed to keep you and your garage warm on the coldest of days.

  • Our unit can even be vented out the sidewall of your garage to avoid putting costly holes in your roof.

BRT residential garage heater installation photo

Commercial Products


When our power of choice is untrammeled and when nothing prevents our being able to do what we like best.


When our power of choice is untrammeled and when nothing prevents our being able to do what we like best.


When our power of choice is untrammeled and when nothing prevents our being able to do what we like best.

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