Optum Series - High Efficiency Unit Heaters

Product Information


In today’s marketplace where time is money, the Beacon Morris Optum unit heater offers the best thermal efficiency in the industry and is designed to be user, service, and environmentally friendly.

Optum unit heater front view with a quote from Beacon Morris' designer

With a tri-metal stainless steel heat exchanger and a state-of-the-art proprietary combustion control system, Optum provides industry-leading thermal efficiencies of up to 99%*. The only fully modulating high-efficiency gas unit heater on the market, Optum utilizes a burner control and configuration that allows a 3:1 turndown for precision discharge temperature control that increases life expectancy and allows for reduced cycling.

Available in 6 sizes (50 - 400 MBH), Optum brings a whole new sophisticated style to the unit heater arena with a beautiful commercial-grade brushed stainless steel jacket and contrasting black trim. Its corrosion-resistant exterior and double-wall construction provide both durability and increased efficiency through reduced heat loss.

Front of Optum unit heater against a white background

Units can operate in a single-unit mode, multi-unit network, or linked to a building management system with seamless control communication. With Indoor and Outdoor Air Reset Modulation technology, the Optum is perfect for regions with substantial daily temperature swings. This technology automatically varies discharge temperatures based on the outside air temperature. As a result, Optum units run longer and at higher efficiency resulting in less cycling, lower fuel costs, and increased occupancy comfort.

Optum unit heater outdoor temperature sensors diagram during fall
Optum unit heater outdoor temperature sensors diagram during summer
Optum unit heater outdoor temperature sensors diagram during winter

The Optum is suitable for warehouses and large spacious rooms due to its multiple operating voltages, flexible venting options, and some of the longest throws. With the ability to use natural or LP gas and with reduced emissions, low fuel utilization, and a reduced carbon footprint, Optum has our green stamp of approval!

*Up to 99% maximum efficiency at full turndown, 95+% certified efficiency at high fire.